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Recipe ideas

Mendiant-like Veal
Ingredients (4 persons)
1kg cushion of veal, not barded
100g ground pistachio
100g ground almond

6 slices of smoked bacon

Preparing the recipe
Spread mustard over the veal.
Roll the meat in the ground pistachio/almond mixture.
Wrap the veal in the slices of smoked bacon and tie it up.
Pour water in the platter.
Bake in preheated oven for 1h.
Baste the meat with its juice every 10mn
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Grilled salmon, pistachio sauce
2 salmon fillets
10cl fish stock
10cl crème fraîche 80g pistachio paste LNG

Salt, pepper

Preparing the recipe
Boil down the fish stock, the crème fraîche and the pistachio paste until it turns into a smooth sauce. Meanwhile, grill the salmon fillets, with salt and pepper.
Arrange them as illustrated.
Serve with Creole-style rice.

Enjoy your meal!
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