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Applications of our product

We supply a wide range of ingredients which can be used in many different ways:
dried fruit specially calibrated for bread making or pastries including an extra fine almond paste which is ideal for making macaroons and financier cakes. We also make 100% almond, hazelnut or cashew purees for producing non dairy milks.
We make custom made products for well-known chocolatiers and we supply raw materials with very specific characteristics for cosmetics manufacturers.

The rigorous selection of our raw materials and complete mastery of the transformation process enable us to satisfy our clients.

For use in bread making. Customized mixes are also available.

✔ Walnut pieces specially for bread
✔ Dried fruit and cereal mixes
Confectionery flavorings for pastries, whole dried fruit, in pieces, calibrated or powdered.

Try :
✔ Extra fine almond powder
✔ Traditional praline (50% almond hazelnut)
Our range of dried fruit is ideal for snacking. Single fruit bags or mixes are available.

✔ Organic dried fruit mixes
✔ Amber walnut halves
Our 100% almond, hazelnut and cashew purees are ideal for making vegetable milks. This range is available in 200kg drums.

Try :
✔ Blanched almond puree
✔ Roasted hazelnut puree

Whole dried fruits and nut pieces, natural, roasted or caramelized for coating and decoration.

Try :
✔ Green whole pistachio
✔ Caramelized pieces of almond

For the creation of your ice creams, we offer pralines and 100% nut purees as well as toppings for decoration

Try :
✔ Pistachio almond puree
✔ Mixe dried fruit toppings

Send us your specifications and we will offer you a product that meets your needs.

Try :
✔ Defatted almond powder

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